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Remote Postal Codes

A0E 3B0
A0G 0B3, 0B8, 0C9, 0E8, 0H5, 0J5, 0J8, 1R0, 1W0, 2B0, 2W0, 2X0, 3V0, 3Z0, 4A0, 4B0, 4H0
A0H 0A7, 0B8, 0C3, 1L0, 1N0, 1S0, 2C0
A0J 0B1-0B2,1K0, 1L0, 1N0
A0K All
A0M 1K0
A0N 0A6, 0B5, 2K0, 2L0
A0P 0A1, 0A2, 0A4, 0A6-0A9, 0B1, 1A0, 1G0, 1J0, 1K0, 1L0, 1M0, 1N0, 1P0
Nova Scotia
B0C 1E0
B0K 1J0
G0G 0A2-0A4, 0A6-0A7, 0A9, 0B3-0B5, 0B7-0B9, 0C5-0C8, 1C0, 1E0, 1G0, 1J0, 1M0, 1N0, 1S0, 1T0, 1W0, 1Z0, 2C0, 2G0, 2P0, 2R0, 2T0, 2W0, 2Y0, 2Z0
G0W 0A4, 0C2, 1C0, 3B0, 3C0
G4T All
J0M All
J0W 2C0
J0Y 0A1, 0A2, 0A5, 2X0, 3B0, 3H0
G0X 0E5, 0E9, 3M0, 3P0, 3R0
N0R 1M0
P0H 1C0
P0L 0A2, 0A7, 0B2, 0B4-0B5, 1A0, 1H0, 1S0, 1W0, 1Y0, 2H0
P0M 0B3, 1C0, 2P0, 2S0, 2X0, 2Z0
P0T 0A1, 0B1, 0B2, 0C7, 1L0, 1P0, 1Z0, 2L0, 3A0, 3B0
P0V 0A1, 0A3, 0A7, 0B1, 0B4, 0B5, 0B8-0C5, 0C7, 1B0, 1E0, 1G0, 1J0, 1M0, 1N0, 1V0, 1W0,1Y0, 1Z0, 2A0, 2G0, 2L0, 2P0, 2Y0, 2Z0, 3B0, 3C0, 3E0, 3G0
P0X A05, 1B0, 1E0, 1P0
R0A 0S0
R0B 0A0-0A4, 0A7-0A9, 0B0-0B2, 0B4-0B9, 0C1-0C9, 0E0-0E3, 0G0, 0L0, 0M0, 0N0, 0S0, 0T0, 0V0, 0W0, 0Y0, 0Z0, 1A0, 1B0, 1C0, 1E0, 1G0, 1H0, 1J0, 1K0, 1L0, 1M0, 1N0, 1P0, 1R0, 1S0, 1W0, 1Z0, 2B0, 2C0, 2E0, 2G0, 2H0
R0C 0B9, 0E2, 0G4, 0J0, 0V0, 1V0, 2A0, 2P0, 3K0
R0E 0B1, 0B6, 0C3, 0J0, 1E0, 1K0, 1N0, 2E0
R0J 0L0, 0Z0, 1K0, 1Y0
R0L 0A3, 0A6, 0B5, 0C5, 0E2, 0K0, 0M0, 0R0, 1L0, 1Y0, 2C0, 2K0
S0C 0V0
S0H 0G3, 1W0, 2V0, 3M0
S0E 0A4, 0G0, 0S0
S0J 0B9, 0C2, 0C3, 0C6, 0C9, 0E1, 0G6, 0G8, 0H0-0H1, 0W0, 1S0, 1Y0, 2B0, 2L0, 2P0, 2R0, 2S0, 2T0, 2W0, 3C0, 3E0
S0K 0A9, 0H0, 0J8, 1L0, 1Y0, 2C0, 3N0, 3S0, 4B0, 4E0, 4H0
S0L 0B7, 0E5, 0J0, 1Y0
S0M 0A1, 0A6, 0B5-0B6, 0B8, 0C5, 0C6, 0G0, 0G3, 0H0, 0K0, 0M0, 0S0, 1G0, 2H0, 2M0, 3B0, 3C0, 3E0, 3G0
S0P All
T0A 0A4-0A5, 0B5-0B6, 0C4, 1S0, 1X0, 2A0, 2B0, 2E0, 2J0, 2Z0, 3G0, 3K0
T0B 0M0
T0C 0R0, 0S0, 0W0, 1W0
T0E 0B2, 0K0, 0L0, 1H0
T0G 0A5, 0K0, 2N0, 2W0
T0H 0B9, 0E6, 0G6, 0N0, 0S0, 1J0, 1R0, 2N0-2N2, 3X0, 4A0
T0P All
T0V All
T0J 0A5, 0B3, 0E7, 0K0, 0X0, 1C0, 1H0, 1L0, 1M0, 2G0, 2M0, 2Z0, 3C0, 3J0
T0K 0A0, 0A5, 0B4, 0B5, 0C3, 0C5, 0C9, 0S0, 1E0, 1L0, 1N0, 1R0, 2J0, 2M0, 2R0
T0L 1Y0
T0M 0C6, 1L0, 2H0
British Columbia
V0B 1R0
V0C 0A7-0B1, 0B8, 1E0, 1G0, 1K0, 1L0, 1S0, 1Y0, 1Z0, 2A0, 2B0, 2H0, 2R0, 2S0, 2T0, 2V0, 2X0, 2Z0
V0E 1S0
V0G 0B1, 0B5, 1B0, 1N0
V0J 0A2, 0B4, 0B6-0B8, 0C4-0C5, 1A0, 1H0, 1J0, 1K0, 1R0, 1T0, 1X0, 2B0, 2H0, 2K0, 2P0, 2T0, 2W0, 2Z0, 3B0, 3C0, 3E0, 3J0, 3M0, 3T0
V0K 0B3, 1N0, 1P0
V0L 0A2, 0A3, 0A7-0A9, 0B1, 1A0, 1B0, 1C0, 1H0, 1J0, 1K0, 1M0, 1R0, 1S0, 1T0, 1V0, 1W0, 1X0
V0N 0A6, 0B2, 0E4, 1M0, 1Z0, 2B0, 2V0, 3L0
V0T All
V0V 0A2, 1A0, 1B0, 1C0, 1E0, 1H0
V0W All
V0P 0A1, 0A2, 0A4, 1B0, 1J0, 1K0, 1L0, 1P0, 1S0, 1V0, 1W0, 1Z0
V0R 0B3, 0B4, 1A0, 1B0, 2B0, 2J0
V0S 1K0
X0A All
X0B All
X0C All
Northwest Territories
X0E All
X0G All
Y0A All
Y0B All
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